day out on the grayling

4 12 2011

Thought i would have a couple of hours on the river today for the grayling with my mate terry bromwell .We have had a lot of rain in the last couple of days and the river was probably high and i did not now weather it was fishable but i was busting to get out to wet the line. On the way to pick terry up i past the river and it was running clear but it was about a foot higher than usual. We got to the river and tackled up i was using a 10ft #4 waight streamtech rod which i love using with the french leader set up using two jig hook bugs i first started with a 2.8mm bug on the point and a 2mm bug on the dropper and started to fish tight into the bank before wadding in and spooking fish. Strait away terry was into a brown trout only a small one with me fishing with 2.8mm tungstun beads on my jigs i thought i would change my point fly to something with a bit more weight. I chose a 3mm for the point and a 2.8mm on the dropper the water was running a lot faster than i thought. It wasnt long and i was into my first grayling of the day and many followed after staying with the same setup just changing the patterns of the flys now and again trying some of the new patterns that i tied a few days before hand. All the fish today were small grayling and some trout terry had the biggest of the day with a nice brown trout about 2lb 8oz and it gave a very good fight nice one mate. here are the bugs i used today

and here r some more flies that all work well for me



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