7 12 2011

Had a few hours on the river taff today after the grayling looking for the bigger lady’s after catching a lot of small ones on  the last couple of trips. the wind was crazy at times making it very difficult to fish  and controlling the french leader but i struggled on in between the gales on this one beat the wind was just getting worse.  I decided to find a stretch on the river were there was shelter from the wind and have a go at the klink and dink method this is what its most comanly nown as with a klinkhammer on the surface and a length of leader tied to the hook of the klinkhammer about 2 foot to 3 foot long then a weighted nymph on  the bottom. the length of leader from the klinkhammer is determined on the depth of the water u want to fish. strait away i found a stretch which had a lot of cover with trees and a high embankment to keep myself sheltered from the wind i waded just into the margin and started to fish. straight away i had a take on the weighted nymph the fish were feeding close to the bottom and i was catching a lot of small grayling.

here are some of my klinkhammers that work well for me

later that day i went back to the french leader setup using weighted nymphs on size 14 and 16 jig hooks to try faster water and had a lot more small grayling and some nice out of season brown trout but the wind was still playing a big part of my fishing blowing the french leader all over the place so i thought i would call it a day



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9 12 2011

Nice little read there Sion – Hopefully the rain will keep off and the Taff will be fishable this weekend. I seen it last night…. not alot to say other than GAHH!!!!!!!! :@

9 12 2011

i hope so if thisrain holds off tonight should be ok

10 12 2011

Nice going Sion.

Keep up the good work mate



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