Czech Nymphing for the lady’s

10 12 2011

When out today to try more of the flies that i have been tying this week . I have been tying some czeck nymphs to try in the shallow fast flowing  parts of the river. This is  extremely short range fishing, fish will be close to your rod tip Use a flicking action to throw the nymphs upstream at an angle of about 30 degrees. Done correctly, the ‘flick cast’ will extend the leader so that the nymphs lie in a straight line upstream. They will immediately start to sink rapidly as the current brings the flies back down towards you. To stay in touch with the flies, don’t retrieve any line, just track round with the rod, raising & lowering the tip as appropriate. Watch your indicator very closely! Any hesitation, draw, stutter, check – strike it immediately.  Because of the fast nature of the water grayling and trout will have little chance to closely examine the fly and hit quickly.I was fishing through a run that is a good holding pool for grayling i just flicked my line upstream into my second sweep of the pool my indicator twitched then in a split second i was into a brown trout it was a cracker i had it on for about a minute then it came off. It wasnt long before i was catching plenty of small grayling using the czeck nymph method here’s some of the czeck nymphs that i was using

I will be out for the grayling again in the morning trying a variety of techniques including french leader klink and dink and back on the czech nymphing hopefully ill have some bigger fish tomorow.

Here’s more photos from the next day.



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