tough 1

21 12 2011

Had another day out today for the pike with my mate edd on ponsticill reservoir. We had a nice and early start  it was a mild drizzly morning but that didn’t stop us. There was hardly no wind so the res was flat calm and that is how i like it. We decided to fish a spot on the res that i have had a lot of success when fishing there. We baited up and started to fish the first line out was a simple method fishing dead bait on the bottom just using a wire trace with two size 10 trebles and a small mackerel. Soon as the first rod was out i set up the next rod with a float these are the two methods that work well for me. It wasnt long before edd had a bite but the pike dropped the bait. That was the only bite we had all morning and things were not looking good for us both. We carried on all morning casting in different spots injecting the bait’s with additives to freshen the sent to try  entice the pike to take but it was no good the pike just didn’t wont to now. We decided to pack up and head off home i was not happy that no fish had been caught. All the gear was packed away in the van and i thought i cant leave here without giving a lure a swim through so i got the spinning rod out and set up. We drove round the lake looking for small bays were fish would  likely to be holding up and also looking for new places to fish on the next visit. I must have been fishing the lure for at least an hour in different place’s round the lake and still nothing so we headed off towards the dam. Fishing on the dam is prohibited so we followed the path for a few hundred yards up the reservoir and run the lure through a few times. finaly i was into a pike it was not a monster but a well needed fish to keep me happy.

Here’s a few pictures from a tough day fishing for pike.




2 responses

16 01 2012
niel andrews

nice pike sion…now theres another fish i havent fished for but would like too!

17 01 2012

cheers niel get onto them mate good fun when it all goes well

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