River Rhymney

4 01 2012

I managed to get out to wet the line on Monday with a mate of mine Edd. The weather had been bad all the previous week so we didn’t now how high the River Taff was. When we got to the river it was flowing very fast so we decided not to fish. I rang my mate Alun Rees to see if he was fishing or if he was going to another river. Alun was on the River Rhymney so I imagined that it was fishable so me and Edd headed of to fish the Rhymney.

As we arrived Alun was tackling up with two other anglers,  Sean Jones and Rob Evans. Since they were just setting up as we arrived, it didn’t take me and Edd long to set up either! Soon as we arrived at the first pool Sean was first to cast a line and with that he was straight into a small Grayling. A lot more fish followed along with some nice trout.

With four of us fishing this pool space was very much limited so Rob headed off down to the tail of the pool. At the start of this pool there are rapids, then it drops off into a nice long deep run. This would be the type of pool where big fish hold up. I was fishing close into the bank picking up the small grayling and then gradually casting further into the pool where hopefully the big one’s were laying. We were all fishing away when Rob shouts up to us “I’m in to a big un!! ” So we all went down to see what he’d hooked into? At first this fish would not come off the bottom; we all knew that it was something big. I heard Sean say ‘Salmon?’ Then someone else said it could well be a big grayling? As the fish came to the surface it was clear to say we were all shocked!! It was a barbel and a nice one too.

Check out the bend in that rod!

As you can tell Rob was one happy man. Well done mate!!

We fished on through the day trying different areas of the river and we were catching small grayling and trout but the weather was getting bad with heavy showers . These showers had definitely made the river rise a little and there was a slight brown tinge to the water but we battled on with the fishing.

What a cracking start to the year on the River Rhymney! No doubt I’ll be visiting again sometime soon……well if it stops raining!



4 responses

4 01 2012
Alun Rees

Cracking post, a good day and some excellent photos.

Rob is well pleased. Eddkept putting his back though before we could get a photo!

11 01 2012

Well it’s lovely to see a well condition Barbell come out of any water, but that one was immaculate well dune mate keep them coming. some nice Trout to.

8 05 2013
charles rees

where can I buy a permit?

9 05 2013

U can get day tickets at tonys tackle in cearphilly

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