18 01 2012

Thought i would tie more klink hammers with a pink indicator i normally use a white indicator for the post of the klink Hammer but i found when there is a glare on the water the white post is hard to see. So here are the klinks that ive tied the one’s on the right are the klinks that have been working very well for me when fishing for grayling but with the post being white some time’s their very dificult to see.


.(thread)  sheer 14/0

.(post) pink anton yarn

.(hook)partridge flash point size 20 klink hammer

.(body) peacock hearl

.(thorax) hairs hear

.(hackle) blue dun cock neck



3 responses

18 01 2012
Alun Rees

The secret’s out Lewy boy!

Nice job on the photos and the flies!

18 01 2012

cheers alun

there’s more secret’s left don’t worry lol

18 01 2012

Nice one lewy.

Right not telling you nothing from now on lol.

Tight lines butty


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