sea trout flies

19 01 2012

With the sea trout season fast approaching i thought id better leave the nymphs to one side and start tying sea trout flies. I was looking through my sea trout flies the other night and thought to myself i could do with some new one’s as all the old flies were tied when i first started to tie so they were looking a bit dated and over dressed as my  sea trout fishing as progressed i found that ive lost confidence in the flies that i tied first off that’s not saying the patterns that i had tied did not work. All they needed was a tidy up so i started by stripping all the old flies for the hooks so i could start them all again. My tying is not the best compared to a lot of fly tiers but it is progressing i think anyway lol here’s a few secret weapons that i tied last year as you can see the heads on the flies are big due to being a beginner at tying flies.

So the secret weapons above were tied last year so let’s get on with filling the fly box with sea trout flies for the coming season. The pattern that ive started to tie was inspired by a good friend of mine Johnathan Roberts who is seriously into is fishing for salmon and sea trout so i probably wont go far wrong by using the same patterns that he uses. Here is the pattern that i have tied tonight and there will be a lot more patterns  as the box fills up so watch this space.



6 responses

19 01 2012

Nice flies sion 🙂

They really looking good but so dont worry 2 much about getting things perfect.

It all comes in time.



19 01 2012

thanks ter im picking things up all the time ill get there one day lol

20 01 2012
Alun Rees

It all depends on your outlook whether they are good enough or not Lew. If you tie them to please other anglers, they’ll never be right. If you’re tying them to catch fish, then get them in the water and let the fish have the last word.

A couple of small tweaks is all that’s needed and they’ll turn out great, not just good.

If and when you get a bit of time, pop up and we’ll run through some things. Other than that, keep at it.

20 01 2012

cheers alun i will pop up sum time mate

22 01 2012

they look pretty good to me. you should do some videos.

23 01 2012

Some great looking patterns there Sion, there’s not actually a lot I would personally change on the flies, as Alun has said above, just a few small tweeks to achieve a perfect fly. Keep tying 😉

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