Salmon flies

4 02 2012

I sat at the vice today to tie some salmon flies ready for the coming season and I can’t wait! Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been buying all new tying materials especially for salmon flies. There’s something about a fly box with a load of salmon flies with a range of stunning colours that does it for me. Two weeks ago I tied some cascade salmon fly’s on size 10 trebles and they really look the business and I can’t wait to get them in the water. Our rivers in South Wales are not very big rivers compared to Irish and Scottish rivers so we rarely need big salmon flies. Here in Wales, unless the rivers are higher than usual then I do use the bigger heavier flies. The flies I’m concentrating on at the moment are small  shrimp pattern’s and I do have a lot of confidence in them. Here’s a few pictures of the cascade I will be using this season.

Here are some different types of irish shrimp patterns.  I don’t stay to the same patterns as the text book I just add colours and body types as I like them I use various materials to tie them but sticking to the original tying method of the irish shrimp pattern. I’ve got to say I’m going to be very happy in fishing them and I also have a lot of confidence in them. I was always told by other anglers if you don’t have confidence in what your using don’t bother basically.



One response

4 02 2012
The Enigmatic Angler

They are spot on Lew. I know where to come if I need a few flies then!

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