18 02 2012

Over the last couple of days I have been out fishing for the lady’s trying to find the bigger one’s. The fishing as been a little slow over the last couple of weeks to say the least these grayling must be getting smart. U normally can’t fail to catch a load of small lady’s  on the taff but I must say its been hard. I was out in the week using the french leader method and using small nymphs trying pools that as produced good size fish for me in the past as I fished through the pool I hooked a nice brown trout but that’s not what im after where are these big grayling?!!. On my second cast in the same spot the indicator on the leader slightly twitched. I struck and  was into another fish it was a bit bigger due to the fact it hugged the bottom so at this point I didn’t now what it was. After playing the fish for about 2 minutes it came to the surface it was a grayling not a big one but a better fish than the others ive been having.

here’s the pic

Like I said not big but it put up a good fight I kept trying the same spot changing nymphs but no joy I was happy enough so  decided to call it a day. The weekend was approaching and a few of the lads were planning on fishing other rivers we decided we were going to fish the river wye so on friday one of the lads phoned and said he couldn’t make saturday to fish the wye and the weather forecast wasnt looking good so I decided to stay local on the taff. I was up nice and early so me and my mate Kevin ward fished the taff we were both using the newzealand method or comanlly known as klink and dink. kev was first to catch with this nice brown trout.

Nice fish mate  it wasnt long before I was into a trout both fish were safely released but it was time to find these grayling so we kept on fishing in the rain but the fishing was slow. We were fishing a pool that holds a lot of small grayling and back a few weeks ago u could almost catch a grayling every cast but they were very small but good fun but lately they have seamed to have disappeared things have defenatly changed. So we fished for a while with little success then I was in I shouted down to kev ” im in mate it’s a tidy one” the fish was hugging the bottom I knew it was a tidy size fish.The take was light and due to the fact it was hugging the bottom I had a good feeling it was a big grayling but kev said no it’s another trout “no I said its a big fat lady” and it was finally a big grayling.

It was typical that I had left my tidy camara in the house all these photos were taken on an iphone there not the best pics but never mind im just glad of  the phone camara I would have loved to weigh her but no scales or measuring tape typical if I had all the tools I probably wouldn’t have hooked it. The reason for the pic of her on the rocks next to the rod was for me to measure it later when I got home I was extremely carefull with her though. she measured 18 and half inches obviously I couldn’t be bang on with the measurement but I do now it was over 18 inches my personal best what a fish she swam back strong im so glad I stayed local.



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18 02 2012
Alun Rees

Grayling? It looks more like a Roach from the shape of it. 18 and 1/2 inches is about 47cms…..a damn fine Brayling in anyones book. The depth on that fish is awesome. I wouldn’t be suprised if that fish was near 3lb Lew. As Frank Carson used to say…….it’s a cracker!

20 02 2012

It sure is a cracker Alun cheers mate

18 02 2012
daniel popp

Nice report sion mate, Hopefully ill be getting out after the ladies tomorrow after todays wash out 😦

20 02 2012

Cheers dan

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