finally some sewin

15 06 2012

Hi all its been a while since I last posted on here due to the time Ive been putting in fishing for the sea-trout and tying different patterns and testing them during the night. One of the first nights out I fished a pool on the river neath after a local lad following him through the pool leaving a lot of space for each other to fish. We fished this pool through about four times each with no success the local lad headed off to a different stretch of the river so I sat on the bank and changed my flies ready for another go through the pool. After about an hour I had three hard pull’s on my line and the fish sprung out of the water then got off with it being very dark I didn’t get to see the fish but it felt a good 1. That was it for me then I spent nearly every night trying to hook and land one of these sewin most nights I drew a blank with no sea-trout on the bank, frustrating is not the word. A lot of things were going through my head are my flies working right? was their fish in the pools I fished? was I chosing the right line for the job . I fished a number of different rivers chasing these fabulous sewin with little success my confidence was at an all time low.

After spending night after night fishing for sea trout I thought it’s about time a gave it a break and get on my local river the taff after the brown trout just to feel what its like to have a fish on and that’s just what I needed.
The taff always seems to revive me after a long spell fishing all the different rivers fishing for salmon and sea trout and blanking almost every visit lol. Anyway I had my short break off the sea trout its about time to give them another bash so me and a good freind of mine Jonathan Roberts headed of to the river tiefi. It was round the middle of may and the weather was absolutely stunning so I decided to target the trout using dry flies and nymphs through the evening till dark then give the sea trout a go and yes u have guessed it’ it was another blank for both of us with johnny loosing 1 tidy fish ill say tidy because it sounded a lumpa when it jumped out of the water.
here’s a couple of pictures from the tiefi.

Over the last couple of weeks me and johnny have been out on the river towy and also the river neath with most night’s producing no fish so we decided to concentrate on the river neath and only sticking to pools were johnny as had sea trout in the past. So we fished a pool wich produced a 18lb sewin for jon last year. We arrived at the river about 9.30 pm and set up and weighted till dark not long after we started to fish, jon hooked and lost a tidy sewin almost straight away u should have seen him perform on the bank lol. I thought he was going to jump in at one point he was gutted lol we carryed on fishing and all was quite. Then jon shouts “fish on” and he was into a nice sewin and he finally landed this one, it was a cracker I would say it was round the 9-10 lb mark you should have seen his face, he was shaking my hand like a mad man  I had to tell him to leave go lol a well deserved fish well done mate.
I blanked once again but I didn’t mind after seeing that stunning bar of silver so off we went with jon having a skip in his step. We left the fishing for the next night and hit the pool last night for another go the rain was crazy, we were mad being out in this weather. The rain finally eased up and I hit into a sewin Around the 5lb mark I couldn’t believe it all the nights Ive been fishing for theses and bang! there it was a  bar of silver not a monster of a fish but a well deserved fish to say the least now I can finally relax a bit.

hers a couple of pics of john’s fish

here’s my well deserved sea trout about time I gotta say!!!!

sorry about the picture quality it was taken on my mobile.

here’s the tube fly tha done the damage for me




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