my take on a ally’s cascade step by step

19 08 2012


hook: size 8 esmond drury

thread:8/0 uni thread black

tail: orange and yellow buck tail

body :holographic silver and black floss thread with medium gold wire

wing: black squirrel tail with orange died golden pheasant tippet

hackle:yellow and orange chinese cock cape

cheek: jungle cock

First u combine the yellow and orange buck tail together to form the colours for the tail, the length of the tail should be twice the length of the body with the colours mixed evenly once the tail is in place. U could also add a little flash in with the tail the flash that is used in this pattern is orange micro flash. Once the length of the tail is determined then u can trim back the excess waste on the body as shown in the picture bellow.

Once the tail is in place and the body is formed now u can tie in your holographic silver and also tie in your gold medium wire.

now u need to tie in your body take a few turns up the body till u get to the middle, then turn in your holographic silver till u reach the middle of the body then tie it  in so it’s secure then cut the waste off. Then tie in black floss for the rest of the body, after the holographic silver and black are tied in and succoured the take four  or five equal turns up the body with the gold wire and the secure.

So the body is formed now on to the wing using black squirrel tie it in at the head off the fly, to determine the length of the wing just hold it in place till it covers the back of the hook about 10mm and secure in place with two turns of the thread.

At this point ive added some orange micro flash and 2 strands of flashabou mirage  (optional)

Now get some orange dyed golden pheasant tippet and tie it in on top off the black squirrel the length of th golden pheasant tippet should come in from the tip of the black squirrel tail about another 10mm once in place another 2 turns to secure in place.

On to the hackles, i tie my hackles in separately starting with the yellow and then tie in the orange u could tie the both in together by aligning the feathers together and tieing them both in then turn in the hackles. I find it easier to do it sepretly.

Here’s the finished fly without the jungle cock

Here’s the fly with the jungle cock it entirely up to your self if u add the jungle cock.

Here’s a couple off pics of the cascade and the finished box with various ally’s shrimp patterns and irish shrimp patterns

this is my first attempt of a step by step hope u like




3 responses

19 08 2012

Hey nice work Lewy, Cracking photos and step by step mate, keep them coming!

28 08 2012

I see you are now somewhat of a celebrity around your way seeing as you are now a member of the welsh team lol

28 08 2012

you could say that turkish lol

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