Irish shrimp step by step

21 03 2013

Thought I would do a step by step on one of my favorite irish shrimp pattern this pattern has been tried and tested and I have a lot of confidence when fishing this on my local river for salmon.


.Hook:   size 10 Edmonds Drury

.Thread:  ultra thread white

. Tail:     golden pheasant breast feather

.Body:   gold tag/ red floss/ fine gold wire/ pink glister dubbing

Hackles:   red/ pink/orange chinese Cock capes

Head:      jungle cock/ black uni thread 8/0


Step 1,    start by tying your thread in, when tying my thread in I go as far down the shank till im inline with the hook point


Step 2,   Then I tie in some  gold uni-mylar as a tag, again keeping inline with the hook point and taking 2 turns up the hook shank,


Step 3,      now tie in your golden pheasant breast feather, tie the tip of the feather in then gently pull back the fibers in the oposit direction of the grain then u will get this effect,  then gently take about 3 turns around the hook shank each time correcting the fibers to form the tail.SONY DSC

Step 4,     here your golden pheasant breast feather tail is formed and secure.


Step 5,   now u can tie in your fine gold rib and red thread/ floss, take as many turns as needed with the red thread/ floss to reach the centre of the hook shank.


Step 6,        you have now tied in your red thread/ floss whatever you want to use then take three turns  using your gold rib up the body of the fly untill you reach the half way point on the hook shank then take two turn of the thread and secure the gold rib.


Step 7,    at the half way point tie in your red hackle


Step 8, so you have tied your hackle in and its secure then get some pink glister dubbing and dub it onto your thread and take three turn’s up the   hook shank towards the eye and leave sufficient space for your two remaining hackles and J C


Step 9,   tie in your pink hackle and take three turns then tie in your orange hackle then take another 2/3 turns untill your happy with the finished hackles, here ive tied my hackles in separate I find it easy that way but that’s my opinion other tiers might place the two hackles together and tie them in at the same time, It’s entirely up to you


Step 10,   all that’s left is the J C “jungle cock” using J C is another option of your self it don’t need to be added and a lot of salmon flies don’t have it, I could not tell you that it makes a difference to catching fish but it certanly gives the fly a good look, that’s my opinion and I really do like using it, in this step I used a split eye off my J C cape to form 2 parts so doing this gets good use out of lower graded capes as u all probably know   J C capes are not cheap especially grade A capes.


When the  J C is tied in and secure apply a whipped finish then there is two options to finish the head, you could use your choice of pen’s too colour the head or use diffrent coloured thread, I used black on this fly then varnish. So there’s the finished irish shrimp fly hope you like it and hope this step by step helped, I will certainly be using this pattern this salmon season





5 responses

23 03 2013

Very nice lew , see you soon . Dai cull.

9 05 2013

Very useful pattern. Thank you for providing the steps. I will have to give it a try next time I go salmon fishing.

9 05 2013

cheers lads, ill be putting more step by steps up in the winter.

30 05 2013
Fishtec Tackle

That looks tasty mate! Get that on over the Usk im sure you’ll pick something up 😉 Have you tied many more recently?

30 05 2013

Thanks, ive tied a load through the winter but havnt had time to give them a swim yet, i will definatly be giving them ago soon on the usk.

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