pike comp jan 15th 2012

16 01 2012

One of the lads Kevin Ward phoned me up a couple of weeks back and said ive entered you into a pike fishing competition. Great i replied what did u do that for ? lol. His reply was……. U had a good year fishing for pike in 2011 so why not give it ago and start 2012 with a pike comp so that was it i didn’t even have a say in the matter i was going to be fishing a comp on the 15 jan.I was feeling a bit nervous leading up to the day as ive never fished in a comp before anyway i arrived at the competition with Kevin and his son Jason and also met up with one of Kev’s mate’s steve. We arrived at 8.30 am and received an envelope with a number wich would be called out then you would go and choose your swim on the lake. I had chosen a swim in one of the corners of the lake wich i thought looked promising. One of the rules in the comp was u could only use 1 rod and i normally fish two rods anyway rules are rules so i was all set up and waiting for the go ahead to start fishing at 10.00 am. The comp was only on for 4 1/2 hours so i set my self a routine 2 hours out with the first bait another 2 hours with a different bait  and the last half hour fishing with a lure. Due to it being very cold i was fishing the dead bait hard on the bottom and continued fishing the same method all the way through the day untill the last half hour were i changed to the lure. The fishing was tough and no pike being caught by anyone and i could see other anglers trying all types of methods but no fish . Then we heard of 1 been caught on a lure and weighed 4lb 1 oz wich was not a big fish but still big enough to win. The way things were going it seemed that the 4lb 1 oz was the winner as the end of the comp was up on us……. NO i didn’t hook into a double figure and win lol but some other guy hooked 1 wich weighed 4lb exactly two fish caught all day with 15 anglers fishing???

here’s some pics i took through the day

here’s a pic of a swan that was feeding right by me and continued to pester me for most of the day with 2 others im just glad they stayed in the water and did not chase me down the bank i have heard that they can be pretty nasty things

watch this space as im fishing ponsticill res on the weekend and i normally catch 1 or 2 their well hopefully


End of year pike

29 12 2011

Thought i would end 2011 with a trip to ponsticill reservoir to give the pike another go. The weather was terrible with rain and strong winds but that wasnt going to stop me from wetting the line. four of us fished the lake today with only two of us lucky enough to land three of the pike caught today. We were all fishing static baits with a nice and easy setup just using a wire trace with 2 double hooks and a small bomb weight it was that simple all we wanted to do is duck for cover out of the wind and the rain. This was Kevin’s third attempt to fish for pike and he was busting to catch 1 after losing 1 on his previous trip. After fishing for about an hour and half someone’s drag on their reel started to click to kev’s surprise it was his and he went on to land a nice pike his first well done mate. A bit later on in the day i was into the second fish of the day not a bad size too i also went on to catch the third fish. Not a bad day’s fishing to end 2011 here are some pics from today.

Here’s kev with his first pike

I would like to wish u happy new year and look forward to 2012 for more fishy stories and pictures

tough 1

21 12 2011

Had another day out today for the pike with my mate edd on ponsticill reservoir. We had a nice and early start  it was a mild drizzly morning but that didn’t stop us. There was hardly no wind so the res was flat calm and that is how i like it. We decided to fish a spot on the res that i have had a lot of success when fishing there. We baited up and started to fish the first line out was a simple method fishing dead bait on the bottom just using a wire trace with two size 10 trebles and a small mackerel. Soon as the first rod was out i set up the next rod with a float these are the two methods that work well for me. It wasnt long before edd had a bite but the pike dropped the bait. That was the only bite we had all morning and things were not looking good for us both. We carried on all morning casting in different spots injecting the bait’s with additives to freshen the sent to try  entice the pike to take but it was no good the pike just didn’t wont to now. We decided to pack up and head off home i was not happy that no fish had been caught. All the gear was packed away in the van and i thought i cant leave here without giving a lure a swim through so i got the spinning rod out and set up. We drove round the lake looking for small bays were fish would  likely to be holding up and also looking for new places to fish on the next visit. I must have been fishing the lure for at least an hour in different place’s round the lake and still nothing so we headed off towards the dam. Fishing on the dam is prohibited so we followed the path for a few hundred yards up the reservoir and run the lure through a few times. finaly i was into a pike it was not a monster but a well needed fish to keep me happy.

Here’s a few pictures from a tough day fishing for pike.


a days pike fishing

2 12 2011

Had a days pike fishing in november with a couple of ov my mates leon and edd on Pontsticill Reservoir  in brecon. We had a nice and early start  to the day the weather was ok  at least it wasnt raining . It was the first time to go fishing for pike this season couldn’t wait to get the bait in the water the method that i was using was dead baiting a small makrell bait on the bottom and another bait on a float with a sliding stop knot to adjust the depth of the bait. I was the first to catch that day i caught a small jack pike about 3lb in weight  not a bad start to the day  about an hour later i could hear the drag starting to click slowly on my reel so i left it a bit as i did not want the fish to drop the bait then the fish took off with my reel screaming.  I struck into the pike the fight was not the best of fights that i have had off pike but it felt like a nice size fish leon grabbed the net and i landed my second pike of the day it weighed 18lbv 8oz nice fish.  I baited back up  and started fishing again with a big grin on my face. A bit later in the day another one of my mates turned up Kevin ward and he’s thinking of having ago of fishing for pike so we were chatting about different methods and what he needs. As i turned my head i noticed my float had gone under could not believe it i was into another pike this one weighed 15lb 3oz  what a cracking day i had here’s some pictures from the day.

the first jack pike of the day

second fish 18lb 8oz

third fish 15lb 3oz

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